Just through the tunnel on Canyon Overlook Trail

Our first meeting

This is actually a pretty funny story. We talked with Miranda online and set up a small little shoot with them in Zion. This was towards the end of our road trip adventure and we'd tried to plan something for every day.

We got to Zion (which was crowded, by the way), and went to our meeting spot. What we didn't realize though, is that we'd have absolutely no service. And couldn't contact Miranda or Cameron. They got stuck in a little traffic on the other side of the tunnel, and we couldn't remember exactly what they looked like. So we waited toward the exit of the tunnel and peeked into every car to find a couple that matched the rough description we could remember. Eventually we heard someone yell, "Veronica?!" from the side window. And the rest is history.

Miranda and Cameron are St. George Locals and new Zion like the backs of their hands. They've done every hike, and were super willing to piggy back ride and just do crazy fun things on the rocks edge. During our session, we determined that Cameron is part mountain goat and 100% belongs in the mountains. Seth, however; does not.