Some couples are just down for anything

And lucky for us, Emily and Brad are one of those couples.

From rolling in the deep orange sand, running down the middle of the road while doing a piggy back ride, or climbing up a bunch of rocks - these two looked great, no matter how silly we were being.

For most of our couples sessions, this is really how it goes. We like to think of it like a double date. Well a double date where one couple has cameras, and the other couple is probably doing something that will have them out of breath.

We live for the natural moments and natural beauty, and Emily, Brad, and Snow Canyon was the perfect combination.

Utah Really is Gorgeous.

For our style of photography, movement is everything. No matter how small it is, and the mountains and sand at Snow Canyon made the perfect backdrop for an engagement session. Emily's hair blowing in the wind as the stoic mountains sit steadfast in the back, or the vast oceans of sand contour to their bodies and have their own unique wave pattern.

Needless to say, we really loved Utah and really enjoyed this engagement session at Snow Canyon.

Check out some more scenes from our Utah adventure.

We road tripped around 1600 miles through Utah and documented it in a fun little video. We had an absolute blast, and the scenery was totally stunning! Many more of our Adventures are documented here!