So, you want to know more about us!?

That’s awesome!

In short, we're all about - LOVE, FAMILY, + FUN. But if you want the longer version, keep reading!😉

LOVE | Since we'll most likely be bombarding you with questions about your love story it seems only fair to tell you a little about ours. We’ve been together since 2014, we met on the dating app OKCupid (thank goodness for modern romance, right?), our first date consisted of a rain storm, drinks, Greek Food (anyone else as obsessed with saganaki as we are?), and endless hours of conversation. It was simple, perfect, and it wound up being the last first date we'd ever have to go on! Woohoo!

Flash forward 2.5 years, we got engaged at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa in February of 2017, Seth proposed to me in front of my favorite animal in the world, the West Indian Manatee - it was a total surprise!

Later that year, in December, we got married at the Davis Islands Garden Club surrounded by all of our loved ones on the coldest day of the year. No one was quite prepared for the cold front - but it wound up working out in our favor because it kept everyone dancing to keep warm!

Photo by: Sea Shack Photography

|ALL about Veronica|

I'm a 5'1" Starbucks loving, ukulele playing, furniture rearranging fool! I cry when I laugh and have a love-hate relationship with the one living plant that I own (I swear I water it!) I'm a total type A personality when it comes to cleaning and organizing, but getting to fuel my creative side sparks a crazy amount of joy!✨

Amazon is my kryptonite, there are honestly times I don't even remember ordering something and then it just shows up at our door! (...I know Seth secretly judges me for it.) I have a healthy obsession with beautiful coffee table books - none of which I ever actually put on our coffee table, and all of which were, yes, ordered from Amazon. My biggest fear is being taken out by a giant wave, and yet my favorite movies all have giant waves in them. Maybe that's just my way of vicariously living on the edge.🌊

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|ALL about Seth|

I'm Veronica's taller and visually impaired half - I'm definitely used to living life behind a lens. I was never really a fan of the TV show Friends, but apparently, I'm living the show - the Chandler to Veronica's Monica. By day, I work in IT and Veronica is unaware of what exactly it is that I do, and I really enjoy that. I'm quick to crack a joke, but most of them are "groaners"... But that's okay, I'm a dad joke powerhouse. Feel free to roll your eyes, Veronica sure does!👀

I grew up overweight and worked hard to lose a lot of it. It's amazing the transformation I've been able to make over the last 15 years....I somehow now enjoy sushi, vegetables, and.... doing chores. Who would have thunk it? Not my parents! I've always been mesmerized by the ocean and space. I'd certainly be an astronaut, but after several "uranus" jokes, they'd probably send me on a one way trip to a galaxy far, far away.🚀

Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers



This was by far one of our favorite adventures to date! We road tripped all over Utah - working, exploring, and just having an absolute blast! We documented it all and turned it into a little memory video for ourselves, but we also wanted to share it with you!

Photo by: Victoria Nicole Photography

FAMILY | In April 2022, after years of fertility issues, our family grew by 10 little fingers and 10 little toes when we welcomed our first child, our daughter Nolan to the world. We are incredibly amazed by her every single day, she is the absolute light of our lives and the perfect combination of the 2 of us. Nolan is already a total foodie that also loves (and definitely needs) her daily naps. Her favorite pass times are strolling around in the push car that we made over for her and taking advantage of our annual passes to the Florida Aquarium and Zoo Tampa.

And while we're on the subject of family we can't forget about our fur babies - our pups Remy and Coda! Remy, is a lab/shepherd mix, with escape artist tendencies, always bursting with a crazy amount of energy, and we're not gonna lie she can be kind of a crab. While Coda, is a Bernese mountain dog, obsessed with attention and barking loudly, we swear she just likes to hear the sound of her own bark, and she's an eating machine! No joke, she starts doing low quiet barks exactly when she knows it's time to eat and if we don't feed her right away her barks get louder and louder, Seth says she's natures perfect alarm clock. One thing is for sure, Remy and Coda keep life interesting for us, and Nolan keeps life interesting for them, so I guess that's just the circle of life!

FUN | On the slight chance that we aren't working, doing projects around the house, or changing a diaper, there's a good chance you can find us hanging out at the aquarium or zoo as a family. We used to have Disney annual passes, but since Nolan is so little we decided to take a break from that until she's old enough to enjoy going.

Another pastime of ours is heading down to our local beach to watch those gorgeous Florida sunsets - it's nice to just unwind and watch those pretty colors dip lower into the sky while we try and keep Nolan from eating sand.

Besides having fun figuring out our new life as parents, keeping our marriage strong, trying to keep up with our pups (and daughter!), and watching countless sunsets, we also really love road trips (Nolan already went on her first road trip to D.C. and she did great!), kayaking, exploring all the new places, and going through our camera rolls looking at photos and videos of Nolan while she's sleeping and talk about how much we miss her! ...Can you tell we're new parents?😅


What Friends character do you relate to most?

VERONICA - 100% Monica
SETH - Chandler.... Even Veronica. doesn't know what my day job is.

What fictional place would you like to go?

VERONICA - The cottage in Surrey, England from the Holiday.
SETH - Pandora from Avatar.

What movie title describes your life?

VERONICA - Just go with it.
SETH - Beauty and the Beast.

What is one of your favorite smells?

VERONICA - Freshly mown grass, new parchment, and spearmint toothpaste.

Do you like raisins?

VERONICA - Everything is perfectly fine WITHOUT RAISINS. STOP USING THEM.
SETH - Only in Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

First thing you'd ask if you had been frozen for 100 years?

VERONICA - Where's the bathroom.

What is the strangest thing you've seen at someone's home?

VERONICA - Easy! A T-Rex Skull on the dining room table wearing a santa hat.
SETH - A Dirty Soap.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

VERONICA - Nope! A hotdog is it's own thing. I back up my answer with the evidence that a hotdog bun is one piece, while sandwich "buns" have a top and a bottom.
SETH - I would like to invoke my Fifth Amendment right to stay silent.