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Southern City Photography Questions and Answers Section

We hope that you can find the answers to any questions you may have here, but in case we haven't quite hit the nail on the head don't be shy, feel free to reach out and ask any and all questions you may have directly by heading to the Let's Chat section of our website!


Do you shoot out of state weddings?

Heck yeah! We may be based in Tampa, Florida, but we’re all about traveling, we CRAVE it! We're TSA Pre-checked with our bags packed and ready to go whenever and wherever you need us!

Also just want to put out there that we volunteer as tribute to shoot your destination elopement/wedding!

Can you send me the RAW/unedited files?

We’re sorry, we do not provide RAW/unedited files under any circumstance. The simple reason being that they do not reflect our final work or our creative process and distributing them as if they were would be unprofessional.

Here's another way we like to explain it - giving out unedited RAW files would be like you asking a chef to serve you RAW chicken. You're going to want that bird cooked all the way through and seasoned to perfection!

Do you require a deposit/retainer when booking with you? And if so, how much?

For elopements and weddings we require a 30% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and signing of the contract.
With the remaining due 2 weeks prior to your date.

For all other sessions we require a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking and signing of the contract.
With the remainder due the day before your session.

Do you offer payment plans?

We got you! We completely understand that your wedding photography is an investment and an important part of your day! We are more than willing to put together a customized installment plan once the retainer is received and contract is signed.

What equipment do you use? And do you have backups?

We use full-frame Canon DSLR cameras along with a variety of lenses and lighting to help capture your special day! Our assortment of equipment is ever changing and growing as our business does. We also have a large amount of backup batteries, memory cards, and spare cameras to help us stay prepared for anything out of the ordinary.

Not to mention we always have a few handy umbrellas (clear + black) in the back of our car in case the weather doesn’t behave, that way we can still get any desired outdoor shots without anyone getting soaked! To take it up a notch we even keep a day of emergency kit in the car as well, that’s full of things any bride might find herself needing the day of her wedding. Including: bobby pins, safety pins, a plethora of personal and hair care products, and even a steamer.

Do I have to order prints through you?

That’s totally up to you! We provide you with a personalized online gallery full of your images which you have full personal rights to print and share as you please. We do offer printing options, but there is absolutely no pressure to go through us.

However, we have done research and tested out multiple quality printers and selected a few that work really well with our professional images.

What should I wear to my Engagement/Lifestyle session?

When asked for our own personal opinion on attire, we always recommend wearing something on the more neutral side as well as earth tones, because those always look dreamy and are relatively timeless!

For couple and family sessions we recommend going for a “mismatched matching” look, so wearing clothing in the same color family or complementary colors. Or having everyone incorporate a specific color however they’d like into their outfit and then going with neutral colors for the rest of their outfit. But one thing’s for sure, there’s definitely no need to wear matching sweaters and khaki pants (unless that’s your thing, then you do you! And honestly, we’d love it!)

I’m ready to book! What’s next?

First off, that’s AMAZING! We’re already so excited to hear from you! The next step is head over to our contact page and send over all of your details.

If you’re interested in booking us for your wedding or elopement and we are still available for your wedding day, we’d love to meet up for coffee, if you’re local - our treat! We always like to get to know you to make sure we’d be a great fit for your wedding day. We even offer to bring a camera and snap a few cute photos of you so you get the chance to see our style on photos of you!

If you’re booking for a wedding, but are not local to the Tampa area the next step will be a preliminary call (basically the same conversation we’d have with you at a coffee shop, just over the phone - and you'll have to bring your own coffee.