Southern City Photography Wedding Experience

Photo by: Sea Shack Photography


The fact that you're checking out the experience page is a good sign that you probably feel somewhat of a connection to us - first off, yay! We're low key geeking out that you're here and that from what you've seen so far you actually like us, because let's be honest, liking your photographer is actually super important!

Seriously, having a connection with your photographer will make you more comfortable in front of the camera and when you're more comfortable in front of the camera it resonates in your photos! In short - Connection is key.


From the second you get in touch with us we provide more than just a basic response, but a full-on experience. And once we have you in the books, we provide more than just photos, we hit the ground running from the beginning of the planning process to the day you receive all deliverables. 

For real, we give our all! Need advice, recommendations, help putting together your day of timeline? That’s what we’re here for! We become fully invested in your journey, your love, and your story. For real, we're all in!


Our goal is to create an amazing experience while gaining new friends in the process, we're talking high probability that we'll be tearing up at your wedding just because we're THAT invested in you. Sure, that might seem a little odd, but come on! Weddings are moving and beautiful - we aren't made of stone!

Expect Facebook friend requests, a follow back on instagram and lifelong contact, cause that's what you're going to get! ...How does that Toy Story song go? "You've got a friend in me?" Yep! That's the one!


No matter if you’re interested in booking us for your wedding, elopement, or just a spontaneous couple’s session you can ALWAYS expect the same treatment because we aren’t just regular photographers, we’re cool photographers! ...If you got that Mean Girl’s reference, you go Glen Coco!

All joking aside, what you see is what you get! We pour our heart and soul into bringing our website and social media alive so people can get a feel for everything from our sense of humor to a look into our lives.



Southern Union

Take us with you! We'll honestly follow you wherever you want to go! ...Unless it's skydiving, we aren't the biggest fan of heights!

starting at $850


Southern hospitality

This is amazing for the couples planning an intimate gathering without too many bells and whistles.

Starting at $1695

Southern Comfort

This option is dedicated to the couples out there just wanting to make sure there's coverage of the big stuff.

Starting at $1950

 Southern  Charm  

For the couples looking for all day paparazzi - from the second you start getting ready, to your grand exit!

Starting at $2350

Wedding Extras

Engagement Session
Additional Photographer
Additional Hours
Vow Renewal

Contact us for details!


Couples Session
Family Session
Portrait Session
Marketing Kit
*Great for Business Owners!

Contact us for details!

We offer a 10% discount on all of our packages and sessions for active military and first responders.

*Accepted forms of payment - Venmo, PayPal, Square, cash, and checks.