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Hey there!

It's Us! Seth + Veronica, coming at you live from sunny Tampa!

We're a fun-loving husband and wife duo capturing love in its most authentic form and providing not just photos + videos, but a bomb.com experience complete with your own personal hype team!

Our passion is for the quirky, laid back, and madly-in-love folk, that are down for anything! Between the two of us Seth specializes in dad jokes and facial hair, while I am a total Joanna Gaines wannabe that's skilled in the ancient art of singing in the shower. So if any of that speaks to you, then stick around!

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"Seth and Veronica — Veronica and Seth... it doesn’t matter how you put it, this two team squad knows how to tango! Their communication is on point and their turnover is quick and the results are so beautiful! They are so easy going and make you feel comfortable right off the bat which shows in the pictures! Their ability to give you advice and tips help curb the awkward stage you sometimes get during a photo shoot and sets the tone for a fun yet beautiful set!"  

Experience It All!

Here's the thing, we know hiring a photographer is daunting. And let's be real - photography is an investment and it's important to remember that when booking a photographer you aren't only investing in their pretty photos, but them as a person too!
We know we aren't the best fit for everyone, and that's totally ok! We'd much rather see couples find their perfect fit than book with us just because... that's why our website is so jam packed - we want you to walk away with a clear picture of who we are!

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Don't let our business name fool you, we offer videos too!