Model Behavior

Have you ever just looked at a person and thought - "Wow, they should model"! Well, that's exactly how we felt about Danielle and Kyle, and the funny thing is, they actually ARE models!

Alright, so there were a few reasons why we were super excited for Danielle and Kyle's session at Coquina Beach. The first one being that we had attempted to schedule their session 2 times before and each time we wound up having to postpone due to questionable weather. So the fact that we were going to FINALLY be meeting them was exciting in and of itself! And honestly, we're so glad this session happened when it did. The weather was perfect, the beach wasn't crazy crowded, and the sunset was BEAUTIFUL.

We also just couldn't wait to get to know the two of them - we initially connected with Danielle over on that magical place called Facebook, so after becoming Facebook friends and seeing her posts, they honestly seemed like the coolest people ever. I mean come on! They're a real life couple that get booked for all different types of gigs, as a couple, and they've worked with companies like Disney, the Food Network, and Hallmark! Oh, and did we mention that they got married during the global pandemic! Talk about a fun story to pass down for generations!

It was so hard not to just bombard them with all of the questions right at the beginning of the session about their recent wedding and all of the fun gigs they had been booked for recently. But we're proud to say that we kept our cool... we think. One thing that we made sure to ask them though was - is getting booked for Disney gigs the coolest thing ever!? We're die-hard Disney fans ourselves so we couldn't help but ask! And they said it's always a really cool experience!

For instance, these lucky ducks were booked by Disney to be passengers on Slinky Dog Dash for their marketing/advertising materials. They said there was one particular day of shooting where they got to ride Slinky Dog Dash 9 times in a row! Without even getting off the ride! How cool is that!? We can't wait to see what other gigs they're going to book in the future! This seems like just the beginning of bookings for them, I mean, how could it not be? Look at them!?😍

Check out the Facebook page that Danielle and Kyle created to showcase all of the cool projects they get booked for! Malone&Only Lifestyle Modeling Couple

Couples Highlight

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