fun in the setting sun!

Spending a Thursday night taking photos of Cara + Ryan at St. Pete Beach (aka the coolest and most fun people ever) was a total walk in the park! Or should we say sand...🤔 But all joking aside, what more could a photographer ask for when you have a totally in love couple, a perfect sunset, and a cooler full drinks, including a bottle of champagne that may or may not have been popped during the session because you know, WHY THE HECK NOT!?🤫

This session was definitely a unique one, as it did not come into fruition the way a session usually does where people reach out to us for a session, nope! I'm not embarrassed to admit that we asked THEM if they would like a session. Why you may ask? Well, because quarantine was a total pain, we were going stir crazy and we really just wanted to get out and shoot some people! ...ok, out of context that last part may seem really bad, but it's a totally normal thing to say when you're a photographer - I swear!😂

Anyways, a little back story would probably be helpful, Seth and I decided to do mini renovations in both of our bathrooms (At the same time... because that was a good idea.) during quarantine and we wound up with a box full of things we didn't need anymore since we switched out all the bathroom accessories and lighting from silver to matte black. The last thing we wanted to do was toss those things away so I posted to a local Facebook group offering the box of stuff up to anyone that could use it...

Well, Cara wound up being the first person to reach out about the items, and within a few hours she was pulling up to our house to pick everything up. Mind you, she pulled up with the CUTEST golden retriever in the back of her car, so that immediately got my attention, but as she was leaving I also noticed Ryan in the car, and I was like WAIT! They're such a cute couple. At the time of this realization they were practically down the road, but I turned to Seth and said, "they'd be so fun to do a session with!" His response? "Message her and ask then!"

My immediate reaction was a big HECK NO I'm not doing that! I told Seth that if I messaged her asking if her and her boyfriend wanted to do a free couples session that she'd just think I'm some weirdo, but thankfully, Cara is the sweetest and agreed within minutes of me messaging her about it! Which was amazing, especially since I was basically holding my breath the whole time after I sent the message.😂

This session with Cara and Ryan brought us so much joy and it was incredibly fun getting to know them! I'm so glad that I didn't let my own hesitation keep me from reaching out to make this happen! We'll definitely be seeing them again soon. Oh, and it's already been decided that their pup Barley will definitely be making an appearance at the next session! 🐶🧡

Couples Highlight

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