Looking to add a splash of color and wow-factor to your wedding flowers? We totally understand why! Our specialty may be photography, but we've seen our fair share of wedding florals and WOW! Weddings that incorporate those vibrant florals really pop in the best way possible. So we went ahead and created this guide to share what we've observed from countless weddings for you couples out there that are searching for some useful tips and inspiration to help you make your floral dreams a reality, so let's dive in!

Dare to Be Different

If you find yourself drawn to the bold and colorful, go for it! Don't be afraid to embrace color and vibrancy in your wedding flowers! Some perfect bold blooms to look into are vibrant peonies, lush dahlias, or exotic orchids, these along with countless others can add a burst of personality to your big day.

Harmony in Hues

When going bold, it's always a good idea to find a balance between your chosen colors and the overall wedding theme. Opt for complementary or contrasting shades that will accentuate your wedding's style without stealing the show. If you already have your venue secured that creates a great opportunity for you to look back at past weddings held there and pull inspiration that way and pay attention to what draws your eye and why.

Trust Your Florist

We all know that a great florist has a keen eye for design, so be sure to do your research and find a florist whose natural design style speaks to you because let's be honest, floral arrangements are truly an art form, especially when it comes to utilizing those bold and beautiful colors. From there odds are everything will fall into place, just be sure to make your vision clear and leave the rest to them.

Timing is Key

Now this tip isn't specific to colorful florals, but thought it's an important bit of information to provide for anyone just starting out in the planning process - as a general rule of thumb booking a florist for your wedding should ideally be done 6 to 12 months before the big day. For an elopement, consider reaching out to a florist 2 to 4 months in advance. This will ensure that they have ample time to plan and source the freshest blooms for your special day.

Simplicity with Impact

A single vase with a small arrangement of vibrant colors can make a huge statement without needing a massive budget for florals. Another great way to stretch a floral budget is to utilize the same arrangements in multiple ways. Think floral archway at the ceremony for behind a sweetheart table, or cocktail hour centerpieces that are switched over to a buffet table, or the bar. Not only does this cut down on waste, but it also makes it super easy to keep all florals cohesive which is great when working with a bold color palette.

Bouquet Brilliance

Another favorite way we love to see florals reused is when the bridesmaids bouquets are collected, once all photos are completed of course, and used as table decor. It's a sustainable and budget-friendly choice that adds beauty and sentimental value to your reception. Plus, if we're being honest, nothing bums us out more than seeing forgotten bouquets strewn about or even tossed out without reaching their full potential.

Tall and Grand

If you're aiming for a more luxurious feel, tall vases with voluminous blooms can create the illusion of grandeur, especially if your reception venue has gorgeous tall ceilings. Your guests won't be able to take their eyes off them, it'll take everyones breath away!


At the end of the day, whether you decide to choose a minimalist approach or go all-out with your bold floral designs be sure to embrace your unique style, and let the blooms reflect not only your love story but your personalities too!

You've got this flower enthusiasts, go for bold with confidence!