An Unforgettable Bohemian Wedding at Postcard Inn on the Beach

I don’t even know where to start on Liz and Ben’s big day. It was an amazing sight, and Liz and Ben have such an incredible and unique love story. Liz and Ben were clearly meant to be and even grew up on the same street. Just getting a chance to hear the amazing stories they and their friends and family were able to share warmed our hearts - almost as much as the balmy Florida weather warmed all the Minnesotans! Having both of their families travel across the country for their wedding really showcased just how loved and special these two are.

Exchanging Vows under the Florida Sun

These two were meant to be from the beginning, but dealing with the Florida elements really shows there’s usually no such thing as “meant to be”, except for Liz and Ben. They had an amazing ceremony full of heartfelt stories and a palpable sense of love in the air, all on a picturesque beach, under a perfect sunny sky.

Their First Look at the Post Card Inn

Just before they took to the sand to say their “I do’s”, Liz and Ben had a really special first look. It really felt like their whole lives had been building up to today, and their first look was the boiling point where everything just became real and all their nerves seemed to just melt away!

And we can’t forget to tell you about the party

They had an absolutely KILLER reception. The dance floor was always full, the party always rocking, and the stories in speeches were hilarious! Even the rowdiest groups usually have trouble keeping the dance floor packed all night, but not here - the dance floor was rockin' all night! All set in am adorable Tiki hut just off the beach toward the back of the Post Card Inn, it was absolutely dreamy. We were so lucky to be there and be a part of their love story.