A Real Life Love Story

When we did this shoot, we were ecstatic to meet Caitlin and Cameron, a beautiful couple in love, recently relocated from West Virginia to Florida and chose Black Rock Beach at Big Talbot Island State Park for their engagement photo session. This stunning location provided a breathtaking backdrop for the couple’s intimate moments.

Did you know the Jacksonville Area has 7 State Parks?

Well we didn't, but we hit up quite a few of them with Caitlin and Cameron. They're actually pretty close together. There's 2 parks featured in this session. But primarily, we were at Black Rock Beach in Big Talbot Island Start Park.

Black Rock Beach is a unique and awe-inspiring location, formed during the last ice age and featuring black rocks along the Atlantic that create amazing opportunities for photos at the right tide. However, it’s important to note that the beach disappears under water at high tide, so photo sessions must be timed carefully.

There's a really cool short walk through the woods, where it just seems like any old camping trip, except for the constant sound of the Atlantic crashing into the shoreline in the distance.

The beach is also home to ivory white driftwood, which serves as a reminder of the power of nature. The fallen trees, which have been on the beach for years, have a stunning appearance and make for a beautiful backdrop in photos.

Picnic on an Ancient Beach

To make the session even more special, we brought beers and a picnic set up for Caitlin and Cameron to enjoy. The couple was able to relax and have fun while we captured their love and the stunning views in photos.

We also created a highlight video showcasing the couple’s love and the beautiful moments captured during the session, which we’re excited to share.

Overall, Caitlin and Cameron’s adventure engagement session at Black Rock Beach Big Talbot Island State Park was a beautiful and unique experience. The stunning views and the couple’s love for nature and each other made for some truly unforgettable photos and memories.

Look no further if you're looking for a spot in Jacksonville to do your engagement session

If you're in the area and want an unforgettable and romantic location for your pictures - Check out Big Talbot Island and Black Rock Beach!