Sometimes things just work out perfectly

Like Kaitlyn and Jonathan meeting - or the amazing sunset and perfect day we had for their engagement session. We were THRILLED when they wanted to incorporate their truck in their session, and we had just the place in mind. Honeymoon Island has a section of beach you can drive on. All that was left was some pillows, blankets, popcorn, and this amazing couple!

The love just pours of of these two. It's IMPOSSIBLE to not smile when looking at them, and they're just so cute and fun together! Especially when they try (and fail) to throw popcorn into each other's mouths!

Engagement Video

You've got to see this. This is one of the most fun videos we've had a chance to do. From the Boho Styling, to the absolutely amazing Honeymoon Island Beach Backdrop in the back of the pickup truck.