Alright, capturing you and the love of your life promising to love each other forever and ever hits us right in the feels! And since we're married ourselves we understand all the emotions you'll be feeling and how the most important thing is for you to enjoy yourselves - and leave the rest to us because you deserve it. Especially after planning a wedding - we know, it ain't easy!

That's why we'll wrangle the guests needed for family portraits, grab those detail shots before the party gets started, direct your whole bridal party on what to do to look like the coolest entourage EVER, and sooo much more. We make sure you have your marriage license and rings ready to go. And do things like remind you which hand is your partners left hand when you're face to face so you don't get to the exchanging of the rings and have a mini heart attack for a second because you realize you don't know which of your partners hands to grab to put their ring on. That may seem very specific, but that's only because that's exactly what happened to me, Veronica, at our wedding... totally embarrassing! Seriously, everyone laughed - even Seth!


"Veronica and Seth are literally built for this! They get along with everyone they meet, and always click with my clients pretty much instantly. I’ve actually had a few clients that were able to meet them for the engagement sessions and requested that they be there for the wedding as well. They both have such a unique eye for creative and impactful angles of “standard” shots. They’re work is always technically accurate in addition to being visually breathtaking."



We've helped Kaci capture numerous weddings!