Like Something Out of a Movie!

Michelle and Erica are best friends that have the kind of friendship that everyone wishes they had, but only few actually achieve. It's basically the type of BFF level that is always portrayed in movies. The ending of one movie specifically comes to mind when thinking of these two - Bride Wars. And I'm not talking about all the crazy antics the two protagonists get into, I'm talking about in the end, when every issue has been resolved and the two BFFs meet for brunch and they both exchange the incredibly exciting news that they're pregnant...

I always thought "yeah right!" This kind of stuff doesn't happen in real life! Well, I guess that's not entirely true, because it happened to Michelle and Erica! These two besties due dates were a mere few months apart. How cool is that!? Their kids were literally born with their own built in bestie for life! There kids will literally be able to say they've known each other since birth, and I can't think of anything cooler than that.

The weekend of this session was basically a BFF baby moon and they had a few goals in mind. The first being to have fun, duh! And the second was to end the trip with a BFF pregnancy session at the Opal Sands Resort where they had been staying.