Epic Canoe Adventure Engagement Session

For those of you not in the know, part of our process involves a wedding questionnaire so we can learn more about our couples and what they like to do. As soon as Liz and Ben mentioned how often they're in the outdoors and their passion for kayaking and canoeing, we knew we had an epic adventure ahead of us.

So on the day of, we met, strolled around a little boardwalk until it was time for our canoe rental.

And once it was our time to go, we hopped in and got paddling..... Well, Liz, Ben, and Seth got paddling. I had to focus on taking pictures, because I could not stop - it was such an amazing adventure, I didn't want to miss a moment.

We ended the adventure with an awesome little Boho beach side picnic and had a great time watching the sun set.

Adventure Video!

We could not pass up making a video about this canoe adventure!