What a difference there is between a bride and groom on the morning of their wedding day. Weddings always have a sense of elegance, but there’s nothing like the bro-bonding going on behind the scenes on the day of.

Let me just say, guys have it so easy and their snacks are way better!

Since we’re a husband and wife team, we usually split up. Veronica takes care of the Mimosa drinkers that have been up since the crack of dawn getting their hair done and their faces put on. Seth on the other hand, hangs out with the boys. 

Becca and Steven are the sweetest couple. Their wedding at the Godfrey Hotel was absolutely stunning. They said, “I Do!” on a beautiful herringbone dock, surrounded by the Tampa bay. A beach in the distance. It was a truly beautiful ceremony, and the tears in their families eyes proved it!

Becca was absolutely Beautiful. She spent the afternoon leading up to the ceremony with her bridesmaids, having a great time, getting her makeup done and being pampered.

Stephen was a total James Bond – looking very dapper. Which was quite a feat because all the groomsmen got ready in about 4 minutes, and that includes the inevitable, “Does anyone know how to tie a tie?” and “Wait, what are these things?” When they saw their cufflinks. This is Seth’s favorite part of every wedding day – he says it reminds him of that scene in Home Alone where everyone is running around at double speed. 

While they may have procrastinated a little and got ready in the nick of time, their time wasn’t wasted. They were all having a blast, taking in the day. Cousin’s, Friends, Brothers, and Dad all just enjoying the day and all thankful they didn’t have to wake up at 6 AM to put makeup on their eyebrows.👀