Alright, we're sure it comes as no surprise that everybody shows and expresses their love differently - want to run around and be silly? -We got you! More of a laid back snugly pair? -no problem! That's because no matter what, you can expect laughter, probably a few awkward moments, a good time and an experience you wont soon forget! Scouts honor!

Oh, and by no means are we expecting you to know what to do! ....wait, what? Yep! You read that right! The average person barely knows what to do with their hands in a photo let alone their whole body! So we definitely don't expect you to be a professional model. That's why we fill each of our sessions with direction and movement, so you seriously don't have to worry about a thing, all you have to do is have fun with your love! How great does that sound!?



"I had the most amazing session with my husband and southern city photography. This cheerful couple made us feel super comfortable and pushed us to take very creative shots. I do photography and I will say I was very very impressed with their poses, their knowledge of lighting and their ability to guide us through a flow of memorable shots. They were so nice and very prompt with photo editing and delivery! Super cool photo team:))) now I just need them to visit often so I can have my reg photo go to :)"