Literally at a rest stop

We couldn't believe it either.

Everywhere we've ever been before, a rest stop was a place where you practically risked your life to go to the restroom if a McDonalds was too far away. A place with a weird building and a bunch of semi-trucks pulled over.

On our road trip through Utah though.... we stopped at practically every rest stop we passed, and 9/10 were breathtakingly scenic. This one did not disappoint.

It definitely didn't hurt to have such a stunning and genuinely in love couple, but for a random rest stop in Salt Lake City, this place was spectacular, and an awesome reminder of how beautiful this planet is, even in an unlikely place.

Check out some more scenes from our Utah adventure.

We road tripped around 1600 miles through Utah and documented it in a fun little video. We had an absolute blast, and the scenery was totally stunning! Many more of our "Rest Stop Adventures" are documented here!

So, if you ever find yourself driving through Utah.

Seriously consider stopping at every rest stop, they're breathtaking.