Rain or Shine

Ashleigh + Chases ability to roll with the punches that 2020 has been dishing out to everyone (especially couples getting married) is one of the most impressive things we've ever seen! They handled everything with such grace and knew that no matter what, rain or shine, they were going to be married on the wedding date that they initially planned on. And that's exactly what they did on August 7th, 2020!

With COVID hitting everyone hard, the trend for 2020 seems to be having all of your plans just fly right out the window. It's no surprise that couples that planned large weddings have had to scramble to either postpone or change things around completely - and Ashleigh and Chase were not an exception to that.

They had their big wedding planned, but wound up rescheduling their dream of having all of their loved ones together to celebrate until next year, one year later to be exact - so next year on August 7th, 2021 they'll not only be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary, but they'll be getting the chance to celebrate with everyone close to them the way they had initially planned!

They are one couple that wasn't about to let COVID ruin everything! Seriously, there was no force on earth that could've stopped these two from getting married! On the day of when we were pulling into the location we could see a huge stormfront coming in. And with almost comical timing the sky opened up and unleashed a never-ending deluge of rain. The dark cloudy skies turned an Auburndale afternoon into dusk with no sun in sight so we all sat in our cars for a while contemplating if the ceremony would have to be moved to another location indoors, or if we'd be able to actually get outside at the beautiful and historic Baynard House without getting drenched.

Ashleigh + Chase had already had to compromise so much, so when Ashleigh asked “Is it okay if we do this in the rain? I want to get married!” we were ECSTATIC! And were 100% on board! I think the exact wording may have even been "Heck yeah that's okay!" And with that everything was set in motion - chairs started being pulled out of the backs of cars, there were umbrellas everywhere, and the family got to work hanging up drapery, twinkle lights, and florals at the front of the gazebo.

At this point the rain had just about stopped completely, but just long enough for them to tie the knot and get some family photos in, or so we thought! It wasn't until later that we realized that the rain had actually started to pick up again, but Ashleigh + Chases families had taken it upon themselves to keep us covered with their umbrellas while we were taking photos. Is that not the nicest thing ever!?

It was such a really beautiful ceremony, filled with nothing but love and we are so thankful that we got to be a part of it! Ashleigh and Chase! We can’t wait for your big party next year and we wish you the most wonderful first year of marriage!

Check out Ashleigh + Chases Elopement Video here!👆🏻