The early bird gets the... dog beach to themselves

Golden hour happens twice a day. When the sun rises, and when the sun sets. Typically, we're fast asleep through the first instance of golden hour. This session got us out of bed early, and it was so worth it. Sandy and Collin met us at the Davis Islands Dog Beach before the sun was even awake.

The Davis Islands Dog Beach is typically packed and usually isn't conducive for a couples session. If it weren't for the wall to wall Weimaraner's, It would be amazing! There's a beautiful ocean view. A white sandy beach, with rocks. An occasional ship passing by. It's lovely!

As far as location's go - if you're wanting to a couples session and involve your fur babies, The Davis Islands Dog Beach is THE place to go in Tampa. There's even a little private section towards the side that's fenced off separately.

Of course, nothing amazing can last forever. The second person to arrive at the Davis Islands Dog Park beelined right over to the private section we were at with his dogs.